Let’s get more Scotland Polers performing & competing locally/nationally/internationally

Become a Competitor/Performer in the Pole Industry. No matter who you are, if you love to pole and you love the thrill of working on a routine and performing/competing then this package is for you. The package is also suitable for anyone just wanting to work on a routine to help excel their fitness level and strength at pole, working on a routine certainly does that. I will make you fitter and stronger and 100% confident and ready to get on that stage and perform or compete in Pole Dance/Fitness. I love making Routines and my history shows the success of them.

The package is 8 weeks so it’s up to you to decide when you would like the 8 weeks to start, depending on when your performance/competition is taking place. You will have 2 Private 1-hour sessions a week, I will make your full routine to suit YOUR style of movement, fitness and flexibility, all you need to decide is what preferred/favourite moves (if any) you would like in your routine. Basically I will do EVERYTHING for you, train you in moves you wish to achieve, piece your moves together in unique combos, make your transitions from pole to pole flow, find the perfect song for you, cut/edit music, hunt for the perfect costume, read ALL the rules and regulations of your competition to ensure high points scoring etc etc. All I ask is that you simply give me all your motivation and strength during every private session you attend with me during the 8 weeks.

Each 8 week package is £400 and can be paid up monthly if needed, however, the full £400 must be paid before your 8 week package commences.  Your allocated privates per week must be taken during each individual week, you may not add more or less to certain weeks. No carrying forward of any privates, if you miss a private in a week then you lose that private, if moving the day of your private within the allocated week then you need to give 48 hours notice, no acceptions.  Your 8 weeks must be taken in one go from the day you start and cannot be split into individual weeks.

THE BEST PART……if it is a Doubles Routine you wish to work on, there is no extra charge, you are one!

Small print – when posting videos of your routine you must include who has choreographed your routine, however, you do not need to represent or mention the Head Over Heels Studio, you can still represent your own studio.

Please text 07868 686882 to book a space in any of our classes.


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